South East

Following the AGM held on 1st May 2019 the following were elected as officers of the SUE South East Branch;

Branch Secretary: Jenny Mason/ Mumta Erkadoo (job share)
Branch Chair: Sarah O’Donoghue/ Laura Webster (job share)
Guildford Organising Rep: Liam Kenny
Guildford Admin Rep: Tamara Evans/ Sam Hill (job share)
Southampton Organising Rep: Julie Murdoch
Southampton Admin Rep: Diane Houlihan/ Lesley Watts (job share)
Reading Organising Rep: Louise Whitney
Reading Admin Rep: Rowena Perry/ Rob Bealey (job share)
Kent Organising Rep: Ryan Slaughter


Jenny Mason

Jenny Mason in front of the SUE banner.

South East Branch delegates

Delegates to the SUE 2019 Conference were Mumta Erkadoo  and Sarah O’Donoghue.