2019 Pay Negotiations with UNISON.

A joint pay claim on behalf of SUE, UNITE and NUJ was submitted to the Management of UNISON. After a period of negotiations the final offer of 2% was put to the Joint Trade Unions side and after a full discussion the Joint Unions felt that as this was the best that could be achieved through negotiations. Following a ballot of members of the respective unions, members of all 3 unions accepted the pay offer.


SUE Delegation to the biennial UNISON SNC Seminar. 

SUE Delegation to SNC Seminar

SUE was represented by President Jocelyn Pettitt-Rose and Joint National Secretaries Claire Jones and Charlie Sarell at the UNISON SNC Seminar held in Edinburgh, from 30th October to 1st November. The trade union side which also included delegates from Unite and NUJ, met with the Staffing Committee of UNISON’s National Executive along with the General Secretary of UNISON and the Assistant General Secretaries. A range of issues were discussed including the 2019 Pay Claim for staff, which will be fed back to the relevant unions in due course.


SUE Banner Brum 2

SUE supported this demonstration called by the TUC and The People’s Assembly and sent
our banner.


A jointly agreed Pay Claim was submitted by the Joint Trade Unions, including SUE, in November 2017. There have been three meetings with the employer. Following the third meeting an offer was put to the members directly employed by UNISON, in a consultative ballot. This was overwhelmingly rejected (92’5%). Following further negotiations an improved offer of 2.5% was put to the SUE membership and this was accepted. This information has been shared with the Joint Trade Unions and it is hoped that the pay rise will be in the October pay packets.


May 12 SUE banner 1

SUE members marched with their banner on the TUC demonstration on May 12th, alongside colleagues from other unions and non. A German spectator made a special effort to greet the members carrying the SUE banner as he was employed by a German Trade Union himself.

Congratulations to SUE Member Lucy Seymour-Smith who was elected as a Labour Councillor onto Birmingham City Council on May 3rd 2018.

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